Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Spoof Booth

Sunday we had a Spoof Booth set up at church to have fun family pictures made. It was very popular! Because I was working Sunday and finished cleaning every thing up once most people were gone, we were able to walk right up to get our picture made and were the last people. All morning long the line had been really long though. Everybody was having so much fun. Unfortunately Lance was not with us on Sunday so he is not in the picture.

watermarkspoofboothchristmas2011-283 (ZF-6030-98864-1-001)

Reese was super excited to pick out all of the items she wore. Sam cracked me up with these glasses on (that he chose himself). He kept touching them. What a fun idea!


AA said...

Sam wins for best costume! HA!

Bryan said...

What's up with Andy Rooney on the left? Nice.