Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Disney Trip–Day 4

Our last day at Disney started out slow. We originally planned to go in to Epcot but decided that there wasn’t much for our two little monkeys to do so we decided to go shopping in Downtown Disney. Gigi had given the kids some gift cards to buy themselves a souvenir so we went to spend that money!

12-1-11 184

The kids were excited to see these statues so of course we had to get pictures with them too.

12-1-11 187

Sam didn’t cry with them!

12-1-11 189

Reese bought some writing pens and stickers. Sam bought a Buzz Lightyear light spinner.


After shopping we went to eat lunch at Planet Hollywood. It was a long walk so the kids took a break with this guy.


Once we wrapped up lunch we headed back to our room to change in to our Christmas party clothes and went back in to the park. We were staying for the “A Very Mickey Christmas” party that night so we knew it was going to be a late night…and a cold night. After the rain on Monday it really cooled things off so long sleeves and jackets were a must.

One of the first things we did was go find the fairies. Reese had seen all of the princesses at this point so the fairies were next on her list. They were very specific about not looking in to see the fairies before you got in the room with them. They wanted everyone lined up along the wall so no sneak peeking could happen. Well Sam was not going to stand along the wall so we played a game. I told them the wall was about to fall down and it really needed us to hold it up. So that is what we did until it was our turn.

12-1-11 550

Once in the nook we saw Vidia first. She was super cute and very good in character too.

12-1-11 556

And then it was time for Tinkerbell. Reese was a little bummed that these were the only fairies we saw but she was happy to have seen at least these two.

12-1-11 559

After the fairies we headed over to get our bracelets for the party and then Lance and Sam rode Buzz (again) and the rockets while Reese and I went over to ride Thunder Mountain (again).

On the way back to meet the boys we ran in to Peter Pan. He was, by far, the best in character! He did exactly what you thought Peter Pan should be doing. Reese was bummed to have not seen Windy with him.

12-1-11 192

After all the afternoon fun we met up with our friends again to start all of the Christmas party fun.

The first thing we did was watch the show that turns the castle lights on. I think the castle is so pretty lit up for Christmas. Basically Cinderella wishes that her fairy Godmother could decorate the castle for Christmas.

12-1-11 620

The fairy Godmother is in the center of the castle below the clock. She does her magic and the lights start coming on in sections.

12-1-11 623

So beautiful!

12-1-11 632

12-1-11 639

We ate dinner together as the park was closing to everyone else and then we headed off for some more fun.

12-1-11 195

The first Christmas party event we did was the dance party. The dance party had Buzz, Mike (from Monsters, Inc), and Stitch as the character dancers.

12-1-11 647

While waiting for the show to start they had a little interactive song for the kids.

12-1-11 655

Reese and Maddy were so excited to be able to lead the audience in Deck the Halls.

12-1-11 656

12-1-11 673

12-1-11 679

After the dance party we had some time to kill. We were going to try to find the princesses around but there was a parade going on so we just rode some rides while the princesses were occupied. (We waited for the the 10:30 parade because we heard there wouldn’t be as many people there.) We decided to ride Dumbo and the carousel.

12-1-11 696

As we were walking up to the carousel we saw Peter Pan and Windy running around. They were just precious! Totally in character and asking funny questions. Reese was thrilled!

12-1-11 694

Next it was time to head back out to the castle for another show. This show was called Celebrate the Memories and it was a slideshow type show where they put up people’s pictures from the day all over the castle. It was very impressive.

12-1-11 707

As soon as that show was over the fireworks show started. The fireworks show was unlike any other fireworks show we have ever seen. It truly was an amazing event!

12-1-11 723

After the fireworks the Daddy’s had to go stake out a perfect spot for the Christmas parade. And they did a great job. We once again had front row seats to see everyone up close. While the Daddy’s were holding down our spot the girls tried to go see another show but they had technical difficulties so they did a Christmas Carol show instead.

We rushed back to our parade spots and were ready to get started.

12-1-11 735

This parade did not disappoint. In fact, it was the best parade of the week. During the parade it “snows” on you if you are on Main Street. That definitely kept us in the Christmas spirit.

12-1-11 761

Merry Christmas, Santa!!

12-1-11 775

It was the perfect way to wrap up our week at Disney! Within minutes of the parade ending Sam had fallen asleep. The kids did amazing all week. They did not nap and were going to bed late and getting up early every day. Don’t get me wrong we all had our moments but overall I was very proud of everyone! What a special week!

We were very sad Thursday morning when it was time to leave. Reese told us over and over she didn’t want to go.

12-1-11 203

On our way home Lance and I started planning our next trip!! Winking smile

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You guys are such troopers! What a fun trip. I am amazed at all your planning and fun activities for the kiddos.