Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thunder Buzz

While we were at Disney our Elf on the Shelf showed up for the first time sitting on our mantle. The kids weren’t too sure what to think and picking a name was a difficult decision. Reese was (and still is) convinced he is a girl. She always says, “Look at those eyelashes and pink lips! It’s a girl!”.  She kept choosing girly names but Lance was trying to convince her that our elf is a boy.

12-6-11 001

It took us all night to finally come up with a name.

12-6-11 040

Since we were still on our Disney-high, Lance suggested that we combine Reese’s favorite ride (Thunder Mountain) and Sam’s favorite ride (Buzz Lightyear).

12-6-11 042

12-6-11 043

And “Thunder Buzz” was the final choice.

12-6-11 060

Each day he has moved around the house but hasn’t caused too much trouble. We will see what happens from here on out. The kids have been so excited to get up in the mornings and look for him. Before we even get down stairs, Reese asks where we think he is hiding.

12-6-11 061

This has definitely been a fun adventure!

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