Monday, December 19, 2011

Two Funnies

Last night when we got home from Chattanooga, Lance went in to the office to get some things done (he is still trying to catch up from our Disney trip, I think). I decided to take the kids to dinner and then to see some Christmas lights a friend had told us about. There is a man in a neighborhood with tons of lights set up to music. It was pretty impressive and the kids enjoyed it.

As we were pulling out of the neighborhood Reese said, “That was fun, Mommy! Thank you!”. I told her that was sweet of her to say and then she said, “I love you more than bananas!” We had a good laugh about that and then tried to think of more things that we loved each other more than.

Once we were back home I gave the kids a bath. Our shower nozzle is one of those that you can take off so that we can spray Reese’s head full of hair easier. When doing this it causes tons of bubbles in the tub so I always have them stand up to get sprayed off when we are about to take them out of the tub. As I was spraying Sam, he covered up his private area and said, “Oh, my peanut!”. It was so funny! We have never called it that before, I have always used the correct term with him, but we may have a new term now.


AA said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! Peanut?!?! Oh that is hilarious. And Reese is just too sweet. We are totally doing the Polar Express when we get back to ATL - looks like so much fun for you guys!

Bryan said...