Monday, December 5, 2011

Visiting Santa

You might have thought that Friday we took it easy or did some laundry after getting home from our long trip. But we didn’t. We woke up and hit the ground running. We ran several errands, stopped to visit with Santa, took Reese to ballet and then a birthday party, and then had Reese’s BFF and her family over for pizza. It was a long day!

Reese’s last three visits with Santa have not gone so well (2010, 2009, 2008). This year I wasn’t sure what to expect but she told me she was not going to cry. And she didn’t! I am thinking that visiting Disney played a huge role in this. Sam, on the other hand, didn’t handle it so well.


Reese told Santa she wanted a castle.


Sam told Santa he wanted to get down…in not so many words.


HA! I love the pictures of the kids crying. It will give them something to look back on and laugh at one day. I am so very proud of Reese and her smiles!

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AA said...

LOVE that last picture! HAHA!