Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Disney Trip–Day 3

Day three was Lance’s birthday. For his birthday he got to have breakfast in Cinderella’s castle! Ha! Seriously though, we were probably most excited about that morning. I made our reservations for 8:05 so that we could be one of the first people to enter the park.

It was really neat to be walking down main street with very few people around.

12-1-11 321

It gave us a chance to look at everything. We were able to check out the decorations, the store windows, etc as we walked instead of having to watch our step.

12-1-11 325

We didn’t waste a whole lot of time walking though because we couldn’t wait to get in to the castle!

12-1-11 328

The night before as we walked in to the park for our shopping spree in Castle Couture the two people at the entrance of the park looked at Reese and said, “You look just like Snow White!”. While we were shopping and trying on dresses, she was trying to choose between Snow White and Rapunzel. I thought she looked like the perfect Snow White and the dress was beautiful but she was leaning more towards Rapunzel. She finally looked at me and said, “Everybody is going to think I am Snow White and want to take their picture with me so I am going to be Snow White!”. Ha!

12-1-11 318

12-1-11 345

She really was beautiful!! And so in awe!

12-1-11 332

The first thing you do in the castle is meet Cinderella. She was gorgeous and Reese was so excited. She did MUCH better with the princesses than she did with the characters.

12-1-11 374

We were then taken to our table for breakfast. Shortly after we were served the princesses started coming out. Reese couldn’t wait to see each one.

12-1-11 382

12-1-11 384

Sam, unfortunately, was not interested in them at all. He cried every time one came to the table or got even close.

12-1-11 385

12-1-11 388

Belle was probably the sweetest one out of the four at breakfast. She just hugged on and talked so sweet with Reese.

12-1-11 391

Another great thing about being in the park so early was that once breakfast was over the park hadn’t opened yet. A minute or two after we walked out of the castle the park opened and they let you through to the rides. We were able to do three rides we hadn’t done yet in twenty minutes! We rode Peter Pan, Snow Whites Scary Adventure and the Winnie the Pooh ride all before there were any lines.

12-1-11 402

At breakfast each little Princess received a wand and each little Prince received a sword. It was funny through out the day to see the kids switch up their toys.

12-1-11 407

After our few rides we ran in to our friends again and let the kids say hello for a few minutes and then we were all on our way. It was their first day in Magic Kingdom so they were really trying to get all of the important rides. Since we had been in the park for a day already we could do more of the things we wanted to do.

12-1-11 414

So we started walking and jumped on what ever ride we wanted. Lance didn’t want to ride the teacups again so I took the kids for a spin.

12-1-11 429

We drove the cars and did a few other rides and then Lance and Reese decided to wait in line to see Rapunzel. The line was about an hour long but she was by far both of their favorite princess they met.

Being silly in line…

12-1-11 435

Sam and I walked around for that hour, caught the Dreams Come True show (again), and then made it back just in time to see Reese with Rapunzel. They flew around on stage together. Rapunzel was just sweet!

12-1-11 447

And pretty!!

12-1-11 449

We then headed to eat in Adventureland. While eating we got a call from our friends who were waiting in line to see Jasmine and they were holding us a spot. So we ran over and jumped in line with them. When we first walked up in was just Jasmine and Aladdin. A few minutes after we got in line the Genie walked up and Reese freaked out. She kept crying and saying she didn’t want to be in line. I convinced her that it was ok and that we would just tell them she only wanted her picture with Jasmine. We were able to make that happen but you can see in the picture that she has been crying. Reese always says Jasmine is her favorite princess so I couldn’t let her miss this opportunity. She was glad we did this!

12-1-11 456

Kristin has a friend who goes to Disney every year so she had give her the inside scoop on a lot of things. One of her suggestions was on places to stand for the parade and how long you need to be in that place before the parade starts. I was so grateful to be able to tag along and use all of her secrets! While we waited for the parade to start, several Cast Members had a parachute for the kids to play with. Reese had a blast doing this.

12-1-11 464

Reese always had a prime spot for the parades. She mainly did this though so that Daddy could protect her from the characters!

12-1-11 492

Sam enjoyed the parades and was fine sitting in the stroller front and center. Side note…while I was with Reese in the Jasmine line, Lance was in charge of Sam. Sam was climbing on a bench and busted his eye.

12-1-11 472

Disney does everything amazingly! Every detail is planned out perfectly and that goes for the parades too.

12-1-11 474

12-1-11 480

These three were some of my favorite “actors”. They did a great job in character. The girl in the pink dress was the best! She even posed for me with her wicked face and my camera wouldn’t work!! I was so mad!

12-1-11 487

After the parade we had done mostly everything we wanted to do so we headed back to the front of MK. We noticed that the wait in the Storybook Theater was only ten minutes so Lance and Reese headed in to see the princesses again.

12-1-11 505

12-1-11 508

12-1-11 512

While they were in the theater, Sam and I went for a ride on the train. He was so excited for our ride. It took a lot longer than I thought it would because we had to refill the steam engine with water.

While we were on the train Lance and Reese finished in the theater and headed out to find Tiana. Imagine their surprise to find Naveen with her! He was very good in character too! He spun Reese around in her dress and spoke with her for a little while.

12-1-11 528

After meeting Tiana and Naveen we watched the end of the castle lighting show and then it was time to leave because the park closed at 7:00 because they were having a Christmas party that night.

That night we went back to the room and ordered pizza and sang happy birthday to Lance.

One of the best things we learned that day was that we could walk to and from the Contemporary! That worked out great when everyone was leaving the park at the same time and waiting on the monorail. We had a five minute walk and it was awesome!

Day 3 was tons of fun but Day 4 still held some magic ahead!!


Carrie Beth said...

What a fun-filled day! Y'all did it all and it looked like so much fun! Makes me want to go back.

Justin and Kristin said...

Love all of the pictures! I am so glad yall had such a good time. Happy Birthday, Lance!