Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our Disney Trip–Day 2

We started our second day in Animal Kingdom…with out our nice camera. That morning they had magic hours which means if you are staying on the property you can get in an hour early. We had read that you should do the safari early in the morning because that is when the animals are most active…so that is what we did. As soon as we got in to the park we headed back for our safari ride.

12-1-11 092

We jumped right on and were off on our adventure. I thought it was neat to see all of these animals (most up really close) in a habitat that is almost as natural as one in the wild. They were not fenced in to one little area.

12-1-11 122

These hippos were the only animals that were still napping when we went through.

12-1-11 095

12-1-11 107

12-1-11 112

These wild things were not much in to posing and letting me take their picture.

12-1-11 126

After the safari we were on to other adventures in AK.

12-1-11 127

The first show we did was The Lion King. It was a fun and interactive show. I thought it was very well done and kept our two year olds attention for 45 minutes!

We then headed in to DinoLand to ride the Triceratops Spin…very similar to Dumbo but with dinosaurs.

12-1-11 131

12-1-11 132

Next Reese and Lance went to ride Dinosaur. It was a little scary so I was surprised to have Reese ask to ride it a second time with me. Once we were on the ride I realized why she didn’t mind riding it again…she kept her eyes closed the whole time!

Our next stop was Nemo the Musical. It was very cute!

12-1-11 137

We tried to go ride Mt. Everest but by that time we were all very hungry so we stopped for some lunch and then headed out of AK and on to Hollywood Studios.

While in Hollywood Studios we met up with some of our friends who were down there at the same time as us. We spent the whole afternoon and evening with them and the kids had some much fun together. The first thing we did was the Disney Junior show.

12-1-11 138

This show was right up Reese and Sam’s alley because the characters were just puppets.

12-1-11 140

When we came out of the Disney Junior show we realized it was raining. We decided that we would all buy rain ponchos and keep on going but no pictures were taken during that time. If it was going to rain any day and at any time while we were at Disney, it picked the perfect time. Most of the things we did in HS were shows so we were inside a lot.

My friend, Kristin, had her parents there with them so her parents offered to let us adults go do a couple of rides while they walked the kids around. We got to ride on Rockin’ Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror! We were so excited and grateful.

Some of the other shows we saw were Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, and Muppets 3D. The kids loved them all but they all seems to really enjoy the Muppets show the best! They would reach out for the 3D images.

There was a whole area of buildings completely covered in Christmas lights. It was really pretty.

12-1-11 148

We also found Lightening McQueen and Mater while walking around.

12-1-11 150

After leaving HS we went back to the Contemporary for dinner (around 8:00 pm…we were such late eaters all week) in the café there. It was a quick and mostly easy meal. When dinner was over Lance took Sam back to the room for a bath while Reese and I headed in to Magic Kingdom to find her a princess dress. We had promised we would buy her one while we were there so that she would have a new one to wear to the Princess Breakfast. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

It was still drizzling a little bit when we walked in.

12-1-11 153

Even through the rain, the castle looked BEAUTIFUL with it’s Christmas lights on.

12-1-11 157

We successfully bought Reese and dress and wand and then made our way back to our room to sleep.

12-1-11 161

When we got back we found Lance and Sam passed out in the bed. Another long and fun day had come to a close.

12-1-11 162

But we were SO excited about what Day 3 had in store for us!


Jenny said...

I knew I could count on you to post about your trip right away! I have been so excited to hear about it - looks like the trip went well, so far! I will definitely need you to be my trip planner once we commit to the trip!

Kiera said...

Looks like you had an amazing trip! I love all the pictures, the kids look like they loved every minute! Thanks for sharing!