Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Happenings

I haven’t updated all of our Christmas happenings so here you go.

The Saturday we were back from Disney we went to a local parade with our neighbors.

12-13-11 004

12-13-11 006

We had Lance’s friend from high school, Eric, and his family over one night. The kids all played very well together and were so silly.

12-6-11 050

12-6-11 052

12-6-11 048

Last Friday the girls in Reese’s class had a cookie exchange. They were so cute together and had a lot of fun.

12-21-11 001

They also played a game where they each received a gift.

12-21-11 008

Sam even had a blast with all of the girls which means I got to have some mommy time with the other moms.

12-21-11 009

This is the kids watching the light show at the house lights we went to see last weekend.

12-21-11 014

Tuesday Reese had her Christmas show at school. I only brought my small camera so I didn’t get any good pictures. That is Reese in the top row in the center. They sang several songs and Reese was so funny. She was very excited during the show. When she sang you could see every word she was saying. If she didn’t know the words her mouth was still moving. It really just sounded like the kids screaming as loud as they could more than singing but it was precious.

12-21-11 024

After the show they had a little Christmas party. When we got to the room they were doing a craft.

12-21-11 025

I was assigned cupcakes to bring so I went with these cute reindeer cupcakes from Pinterest.


Once they were done with the craft and eating, it really got wild in there. The girls in her class are just silly!

12-21-11 026

They love each other so much and play so well together.

12-21-11 033

Today was Reese’s last day of school. I swear this has been the longest week ever. I am so glad she is finally home with us for two weeks. Today they had pajama and a movie day. She was very excited to wear her pajamas to school. Since Reese was leaving her pajamas on, Sam decided he wanted to leave his on too. I was totally fine with that and we have had a lazy day around here to go along with the pajamas and rain.

love copy

I LOVE these two little monkeys. I was trying to be creative and have them spell out LOVE but it just didn’t come out the way I was hoping. Sam’s little arms are just too short. Ha!

We are looking forward to the upcoming weekend! Family and fun, here we come!

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