Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nine Months Old

Sam turned nine months old yesterday! 

Today I took him for his check up.  And oh my is he still little!  He currently weighs what Reese weighed at her six month check up.  He only weighs 18 pounds, 8 ounces and that is only 18%. This means he only gained one pound since his six month check up.  He is 28 inches long (42%) and his head is 17.5 cm (26%). 

8-10-10 002

I remember Reese’s growth slowing down between her six month and nine month check up because they start moving around so much.  See exhibit below! He was about to lunge off the chair while I was taking his picture.

8-10-10 003

But it didn’t slow down this much so when I saw his weight it caught me off guard.  The doctor wasn’t fully concerned about it but she said we would definitely keep an eye on it.

8-10-10 007

Fortunately, we are there every month during their first year due to our revised vaccination schedule so we will be able to keep an eye on his weight each month.  I have done a little research on his lack of weight gain today.  Most sites say not to worry too much about the weight as long as they are meeting all of their milestone marks. And I feel like he is right on track.  So I am going to do my best not to worry too much about his weight and just make sure we are feeding and nursing enough to keep him growing! I also have a call in to a friend who is a lactation consultant to get her opinion on this.

8-10-10 009 

Some of the things Sam is doing right now:

*can sit himself up from laying down
*says “uh-oh” and “bye-bye”
*When some one else says “bye-bye” he waves
*crawls…still hasn’t figured out that he can follow me where ever I go though…if he sees something he wants he goes after it
*sometimes he will just roll all over the floor to what he wants…I think it is faster than crawling still
*claps…especially when he hears some one else clapping
*Will clap with “If you are happy and you know it”
*gives high fives
*”sings” and dances
*is starting to eat more table food…he had his first blueberry muffin last night
*gives hugs
*gives kisses…sloppy open mouth kisses
*plays peek-a-boo
*is so entertained by Reese!
*he has six teeth
*sleeps well…usually an hour or so nap in the morning, a one to two hour nap in the afternoon and sleeps about 11 hours straight at night 
*He is soooo sweet and loves to cuddle!!

Lance and I used to joke that our daughters would be his size and our sons would be my size.  Ha!  Get to growing Little Buddy!! 


bethy said...


I hope this is a note of encouragement! I have a son Harrison he is a few weeks older that your precious little boy! (DOB is 10/27/09) We had to go back for a weight check in July b/c he was in the 10th % for weight...I was freaked. We just went for the 9mo check and he was 18 lbs 9 oz, 28 in. I think he'll be just fine. My little guy is already standing at times all by himself! I think boys could just be different and their amazing metabolism is already at work!!

Kiera said...

Crazy that he is 9 months!!!!!!!!! He is too cute in these pictures....I am sure he will get bigger as he enjoys all the new foods that life has in store for him!

Nathan and Patricia Harder said...

Haiden is almost 5 months and he is 18lbs and 27" long. Wow! :)

bethy said...

I am not on twitter but I read on the side bar, sorry for a day with no naps and your husband getting home late from work. I do not like those days! Tomorrow is Friday, hope its much better for you!!!