Monday, August 23, 2010

Kansas City Round 2

After the zoo I didn’t take many pictures. 

Friday night we went to the rehearsal dinner.  Like I said before, Sam didn’t feel well so I tended to him most of the evening.  However, I did send Reese off with my camera to take pictures of everyone.

Lissa and Celeste (sisters of the bride)

8-23-10 092

Uncle Hawk and Aunt Kym (parents of the bride)

8-23-10 094

Papa and Peggy (Grammy to Reese)

8-23-10 095

my mom (Gigi)

8-23-10 096

my dad (Granddaddy)

8-23-10 097

Tina, the bride, is in the forefront of this picture

8-23-10 098

me and Becca

8-23-10 099

sick little Sammy

8-23-10 100

Sammy and Mommy

8-23-10 101

me and my babies…Sam looks so pitiful

8-23-10 102

Saturday we woke up and stayed close to the hotel.  I wanted both kids to get in good naps to help them feel better and behave.  During Sam’s morning nap, Becca and I took Reese on a walk around the block.  We were near this super cute area called Country Club Plaza.  The city was beautiful. 

Sam is under there somewhere.

8-23-10 104

Reese had a blast seeing all of our family.  She loves attention and she definitely got a lot of it.

8-23-10 103 

Saturday night was the wedding.  I, unfortunately, did not get one single picture.  The wedding was in an old, beautiful mansion.  I stood out in the foyer with Sam during most of the ceremony to keep him happy.  I could still see and hear the wedding from just outside the door.  My cousin looked beautiful and it was a very sweet ceremony.  My mom and I ended up taking the kids back before dinner because they were both about to melt down. 

Sunday morning we got up and had breakfast with everyone one last time before heading back to the airport.  Delta ended up finding our car seat and sent it to our hotel so we were set.  We had a nice, easy flight back and were sooooo happy to be back home. 

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