Monday, August 16, 2010


Here are some pictures and stories from throughout the summer up until now…in no particular order. 

We met Lance’s friend, Eric, from high school one night for dinner while they were in town.  He has a daughter six months older than Reese and they had a blast together.  They would dance, jump, sing, and just basically act silly together.  It was so cute!

8-13-10 017

Reese loves mannequins.  She is so interested in them and always wants to touch them.  It cracks me up.  She especially liked the one her size at Old Navy.  

iphone 8-14-10 133

One afternoon I couldn’t find Reese and she was hiding in out guest bed.  She had taken all of the pillows out of the way and was under the sheets.

iphone 8-14-10 137

At Chick-fil-a you can turn in your toy from the kids meal for a free ice cream.  Reese decided she wanted to do it all by herself.  She was such a big girl.

iphone 8-14-10 149

This is a bed I really like for our new king size mattress that we recently purchased. 

iphone 8-14-10 169

Sam is always sitting up and looking over the crib sides with a big smile on his face after nap times!

iphone 8-14-10 186

Reese wrote her name out all by herself for the first time tonight.  I was so proud of her!!  She of course didn’t want her picture taken but I just had to.

8-16-10 006

Here it is up close.  Didn’t she do such a great job??  I wrote her name first so that she knew the order to write her letters in. 

Now that Sam is crawling around he is getting lots of bumps and bruises.  He currently has a bruise on his left cheek from the corner of our coffee table, a bruise on his forehead from our coffee table, and he got his first bloody nose today from nose-diving on our fireplace.  Poor guy!  But he is a good sport about it.  I remember when Reese did this same thing! I feel so bad for him but he is still just as cute as ever!

8-16-10 007

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