Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Feeling better

Reese has been sick since the weekend. Yesterday I'd had enough of her feeling crummy and was trying everything to make her well. I decided that I would take her to my dads office to get adjusted this morning.

He has worked on her before but I don't think she has had a full adjustment, laying on the table, before.

I was so worried she would not let this happen but she was a trooper! She got right up on the table and let my dad work on her.

I was so proud of her and I just know it is going to help her feel better.

She was so proud of herself.

We tried to have Sam adjusted too but he was not having it. I think the poor little guy is getting sick too and I was hoping to get him adjusted and better faster! Hopefully he got enough to help!

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bethy said...

So lucky to have a Daddy in the profession! Reese is so cute, I hope both kiddos get well/stay well!!Preschool for us doesn't start until after Labor Day...I'm sure we'll have a little bout of sickies with re-introduction of new germs.

oh- do you have an app to blog from iphone?

Rebecca said...

Reese is holding her belly button, so it doesn't fall off just like we used to do! Too stinkin' cute! I'm so proud of her!

jennkate said...

So sweet. Funny, we have the same title on our post. "feeling better". Ugg, we have been going through the same thing since the weekend! Glad to hear she is feeling better!

Groovers said...

both our kids got sick after that night too, weird! Cole is still pretty snotty & whiny. Savannah's not been that bad. we're ready for it to be over too! hope they're back to normal soon. way cool that your Dad is a chiropractor, very neat :)