Monday, August 2, 2010

My Best Friends Baby (Shower)

This past Saturday I co-hosted a baby shower for my best friend from high school.  She is due in early October and I am soooo excited for her.  I can not wait.  I am such a theme party planner but for this shower I just went without a theme.  That was so hard but it turned out well. 

I started with making a diaper cake (well after I made the invitations).  I love how it turned out most of all.

8-1-10 006

There were a few activities for people to do while they mingled and ate.  My co-host was Adrienne’s sister.  She handled all of the food and drinks and it was soooo yummy. 

The first activity was to take a picture of the mom and dad to be from when they were younger, cut it up, and create an image of how the baby will look. It was funny to see these babies the guests made.

8-1-10 002

The grandmother-to-be does a lot of quilting so we had guests write encouraging words on fabric squares that the grandmother will turn in to a quilt.  I can’t wait to see this.

8-1-10 003 

I had extra washcloths after making the diaper cake so I just tied them to the gift opening chair for a little decoration.

8-1-10 004

They are letting the baby’s gender be a surprise until he/she is born.  For a favor I decorated some koozies and put a tag on them that said one of three things, “I think Baby is a girl!”, “I think Baby is a boy!”, or “I have no clue what gender Baby is!”  And then the tag thanked them for celebrating with us.  Guests chose what favor they wanted to take home based on what their guess of the gender was (or really they could take which ever they wanted)!

8-1-10 005 

Yummy cupcakes!!!  Adrienne’s older sister lives out of state so she ordered these cupcakes for us.  Seriously they were so good!

8-1-10 012

Opening gifts.  She got some wonderful gifts!!

8-1-10 033

At the end of the shower I took a picture of guests based on their guess at the gender.  These girls think the baby is going to be a GIRL.

8-1-10 038

Everyone in this picture thinks the baby is going to be a BOY.  What is funny is that this is all family (except for me).

8-1-10 039

I can not wait for this little baby (and to know what the gender is)!!

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Adrienne said...

Thank you again for such a fabulous shower. It was perfect and I am so lucky to have you as a friend. I can't wait to introduce you to the baby!