Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Plus Two = Eight

Sam just cut two more teeth with in the last couple of days.  He cut the bottom two eye teeth.  Now he has four on top and four on the bottom.  I imagine that cutting these two teeth while he has been sick has not been pleasant. 

It certainly has not been pleasant for this nursing mom!!  I don’t think I can handle it anymore.  He is biting me every single time we sit down to feed him.


My screams, yelps, and no’s are just greeted with a smile from the little man. 

And on top of biting he isn’t eating very well which isn’t good for trying to get him to gain weight.  I am at a loss and am stressing out about it.  He either needs to stop biting and start eating or we are going to have to figure something else out!


Liz said...

I am thinking about you! We need to get together soon- what about next week, email me. I do not have answers for your situation- you are a great Mom and your instincts will ride over. (or call the dr-ha) Much Love!!

bethy said...

Oh, sorry! Even if he doesn't nurse, will he eat more table food? My little guy still doesn't have a tooth yet, but he pretty much refuses puree baby food...some days he doesn't take his bottles well (he gets formula) but he is eating soft food like crazy (waffles, rice, fruit, yogurt, etc...) I will pray for you! I second your friend, you are a great mom!!

Justin and Kristin said...

I started giving Connor black beans at 9 months old and she would devour them. He has teeth so he might be good at chewing. They are very mushy too so we didn't have aproblem. I am so sorry about the biting. Ah! Hang in there!