Friday, August 13, 2010


Sam and Reese have started to entertain each other a bit.  Sam, of course, loves to watch Reese. And Reese loves to get Sam’s attention.  It is fun to watch them together.

8-13-10 002

I just wish I could get a picture of them together.  Reese has decided that she doesn’t want her picture taken…ever.

8-13-10 004 

Sam just thinks I am crazy with a camera in his face.

8-13-10 005 

Reese always wants to be silly and make silly faces.

8-13-10 006 

Sam is more interested in the camera.

8-13-10 008

I loved how they were both in such bright colors and just wanted a cute picture of them together.  Maybe one day!

8-13-10 001

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