Tuesday, August 3, 2010


What could evoke this much excitement?

8-3-10 009 

8-3-10 050

Why, a pool bath, of course!

8-3-10 013

Reese played so hard at the pool today that she took a three hour nap.  Since she didn’t wake up until so late I knew she would not go to bed at her normal time.  I decided to let her have a little fun outside to try to wear her out.  I was hoping this would also take the place of a bath but she got so much grass and dirt on her coming inside that Lance gave her another bath.

This little guy did not take a long nap today so he went to bed at his normal time…after pooping in the tub when Mommy had no help!  Isn’t that the way it is?

8-3-10 023

I am hoping he will start crawling soon because it is making it hard for him to sleep!  Once he is asleep he is good but getting to sleep is hard!  He wants to sit up in bed or rock on all fours.  Once he is sitting up, he is not sure how to get himself back down to go to sleep.  Poor guy!  Learning is hard!!


Britni said...

They are both so so cute and his eyes are gorgeous in this picture :)

Justin and Kristin said...

AHH! I love it, Renee! I haven't ever thought of a pool bath... with a popsicle. Too funny!