Monday, August 23, 2010

Kansas City Round 1

Last Thursday we left for Kansas City, MO.  We were there for the weekend for my cousin, Tina’s, wedding.  This trip was rough for us because both kids were sick.  Reese was doing much better than she had been but Sam quickly became sick.  He had a fever the whole time we were there but was such a trooper. 

This trip included a first for both kids.  We flew to KC.  Reese was so excited…even though she doesn’t look like it! Ha! 

8-23-10 021

Sam slept most of the flight which was so nice!

8-23-10 005 

Reese was able to sit with my parents for a while.  It was so nice for her to be able to be entertained by someone other than me. 

8-23-10 007

We were on a small plane headed out.  

8-23-10 008

Sam eventually woke up and decided he that he wanted to get out of his seat too.

8-23-10 012

So he went to sit with my parents.

8-23-10 017 

I decided it would be best to check both of our car seats because we would be renting a car.  When we landed in KC we realized Delta had not put one of our car seats on the flight.  So we had to borrow one from Delta.  What a pain!  We rented a minivan so we could all be together.

8-23-10 028

Friday morning we went to the zoo.  It was a nice zoo.  It had some awesome attractions and some that were kind of small.

8-23-10 032

8-23-10 033

8-23-10 034 

Our favorite attraction was the polar bear! He was such an actor. He would swim right up to the glass and entertain us.  Everybody was in awe.

8-23-10 039

He was the first attraction we saw when we walked in the zoo.  As we walked up he ran across the rock and belly flopped right in to the water.  It was so funny!

8-23-10 044

The worst part was that it was sooooo hot out.  It was miserable.

8-23-10 087

8-23-10 046

8-23-10 047

8-23-10 050

Reese said she wanted to go see the birds and feed them.  So Becca and I took her in.  I had no desire for the birds to land on me but I sucked it up and did it for Reese.

8-23-10 052

Well, apparently my sacrifice didn’t do anything for her.

8-23-10 053

Here she is up close…

Another cool exhibit was the elephants.  There were about eight elephants. 

8-23-10 064 

At one point two of the elephants were eating some of the brush outside of their fence.  One of the zoo employees drove up on a golf cart and told them to stop…and they did!  They both stared at her for a minute and then backed up and walked away.

8-23-10 069

This elephant exhibit is so much better than the one in Atlanta because you are so close to the elephants.

8-23-10 075

Sam took a little nap during the elephants. 

8-23-10 065

We had a great (and hot) time at the zoo.

8-23-10 086

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