Monday, August 27, 2012

31 weeks

Nine weeks to go. That doesn't sound long but it is still two months to go. I have had several people ask how much longer and act surprised I still have that long to go. Ha! Apparently I am huge in other peoples eyes as well. I am struggling with shirts. They are starting to get a little short and need to be retired soon. I had my first baby dream of this pregnancy last week. I dreamed I had twin boys so Lance and I got to both use the name we are fighting for. Isn't the old wives tale that you dream about the opposite sex of what your baby is? What does that mean for a baby girl if it is the opposite of twin boys? I am starting to really wish I knew who this little baby is too! I know it will be so fun to find out boy or girl on delivery day but I am getting anxious about it.

Here I am today...

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