Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our Names

So I think we are set on a girl name. There hasn’t been too much discussion or disagreement in choosing that name. However, the boy name has brought on a million discussions and disagreements. I have had a name that I have liked for months but Lance has never really loved it. He would go back and forth about liking the name…get my hopes up and then crush them. A week or so ago he sent me a text with a name he liked. I am not sure where he saw it or how he came up with it. His name choice is a little more popular than mine which is why I am having reservations about it. I like the name though! There are actually tons of people out in blog land who have sons with this name. The other day I posted a poll on a baby name website to see what strangers had to say about our choices. So far Lance’s name is winning. The few people that are choosing my name have said the same thing I was thinking. They think Lance’s name is becoming popular and chose my name because of that. Who knows if they liked my name though. I told him that since I had more of a say in the girl name that I would concede to his name. Then he said that we don’t have to decide right now. Ha! Who knows what will happen in the coming weeks. We may or may not make a decision on a boys name.


Justin and Kristin said...

Do you understand what you are doing to me??? I can't wait to meet baby gummy bear!

Carrie Beth said...

In my experience, the mom always wins this fight. Stay strong. :-)

Adrienne said...

Just wait until you meet the little one and his/her name will make sense.