Thursday, August 30, 2012

So Proud

Reese and I have been butting heads a lot lately. I am not sure exactly what is causing it or how to turn it around. Some days I just feel so defeated. Tonight Reese’s school had a parents night. I got to go to her room, see the things they are doing there, and got a chance to chat with both teachers. Both teachers went on and on about how sweet Reese is, what a great helper she is, and how much they enjoy having her in their class. It made me so proud! I know what an amazing person Reese is and it makes me so happy to hear other people say the same thing. Especially when her and I are in a hard place. Tonight I am such a proud mommy and I want to always remember this.


Carrie Beth said...

I can completely relate to this! I'm feeling the same way with Handley and don't know how to get out of this rut with us. Honestly I think it has to do a lot with her being the oldest and me expecting too much out of her. Anyway, glad Reese is off to a great start at school!

Renee said...

CB, I think you are completely right. I have had that discussion with some friends recently and I do think I expect way too much from Reese. I try so hard to remind myself that she is only five years old!!

Priscilla said...

And proud you should be! She is a very bright and fun little girl. I knew she would do well.