Thursday, August 9, 2012

Last Hoorah!

Yesterday, a friend and I took our kids to the American Girl Doll store for a last hoorah before school starts. We had 2:00 reservations for tea. My friend has three girls (one being Reese’s BFF). We all piled in the van together and headed to North Point Mall. The girls were so excited! Sam was feeding off of the excitement and was excited to go too.

All of these pictures are from my phone so they are not that great.

Reese and Hallie all set up at the table with their dolls.

photo 1

The store has it all set up so nice. Each doll gets her own high chair and tea cup. Even though Sam didn’t have a doll our waiter gave him a high chair and tea cup because he wanted one.

photo 2

Lance’s mom took Reese shopping last weekend for American Girl doll things and she decided on a matching outfit for her and Megan. That is what she decided to wear yesterday and it was super cute.

photo 3

We ordered our drinks and food and couldn’t wait for them to come. There were so many yummy things on our trays but I think the overall favorite was the brownie ball on a stick. It was sooooo good.

photo 4

We all enjoyed our tea time. My friend has twin eight year olds and after the tea they got to do a scavenger hunt through the store. While they did that we ran a quick errand in the mall before leaving.

photo 5

We had such a fun afternoon and once we were in the car everyone was so tired! School is getting here so fast and I can’t believe summer break is almost over.

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Priscilla said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy these last few moments before school starts!