Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sam’s 1st Day of Preschool

Sam started preschool today!

8-21-12 273

I think he was excited to get to do something like Reese.

8-21-12 277

I told him I wanted to take some pictures of him before we left so we headed out front.

8-21-12 278

He kept posing. When I asked him to just stand and face me he said no. He said, “This is what Reesey was doing.”. I was finally able to get this picture which is still a silly pose but it is my favorite.

8-21-12 279

So sweet!

8-21-12 280

I also wanted to get pictures of him inside in the same place that I always took Reese’s first day of school pictures.

8-21-12 281

He decided to just be a goofball while I was taking these pictures so I didn’t get any serious pictures.

8-21-12 282

He makes me laugh though.

8-21-12 283

Seriously he is so silly!

8-21-12 284

This one turned out pretty cute. He was making a silly face and I squealed to get him to laugh.

8-21-12 285

I got out to unbuckle him and snapped a picture of us together.

8-21-12 274

He was excited. He wanted to get out of his seat but I told him to stay put. I was afraid he would get away from the door and then the teacher wouldn’t be able to get him out of the car.

8-21-12 275

His assistant teacher ended up being the one to get him out. She was holding him and he looked like he was getting upset and wiggled himself down. Once he was down, he had a smile on his face. I think he just wasn’t sure about a stranger holding him. He did hold her hand walking in though. I can’t wait to pick him up and see how his morning went!

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