Friday, August 10, 2012

Meet and Greet

Today has been a great day of learning about kindergarten. This morning our school system allowed all kindergarteners to have a ride-along on their bus. We weren’t sure if we were going to do the bus or take Reese to school. With much consideration we have decided that she will definitely ride the bus home in the afternoons because school is out right in the middle of nap time for Sam and eventually Baby Gummy Bear. In the mornings she may ride the bus or Lance may drop her off at school. We will just see how it goes. Reese was a little intimidated by the bus ride but enjoyed it. Her bus driver was a very sweet lady that turns out to go to North Point Community Church. Since we go to a campus of NPCC, I noticed something she had that was handed out at all of our churches. I asked her about it and she was so excited to discuss. Seeing her excitement and care with the kids really put me at ease about having Reese ride the bus.

photo 1

For weeks Reese has been very concerned about knowing other kids in her class. Several times she would cry and say she wouldn’t go to school if there were not any friends from preschool in her class. There are five little girls from preschool that will go to her same school. There are six kindergarten classes. We knew going in that there was a very high probability that she would not be in class with any of them so we had been discussing this quite often. Well, this morning when we went to Meet and Greet we found out that not only does Reese have a friend she knows in her class but it is her best friend Hallie!! She was beside herself with excitement. She also got the teacher that we had heard over and over again how great she was. She actually did Reese’s assessment a couple of weeks ago so Reese knew her from that.

photo 2

As school has been getting closer, I have been dreading the unknown. I was so worried about how things were going to work out. Today I have been able to see God’s hand in all of this. He worked everything out just the way he knew it was needed. He was able to put this crazy mommy and daughter team at peace about starting this whole new chapter. I know Reese is going to have an amazing school year and we are actually excited about school starting now.

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Priscilla said...

Good luck to all of you as you begin this new adventure! Can't believe Reese is old enough for school, though. Time goes by so quickly.