Thursday, August 23, 2012


Sunday, Reese went to a birthday party for our sweet little friend Mary. It was her 4th birthday and was celebrated with a Princess Ballet party. When they first arrived they made their own princess crown.

8-21-12 262

Once the crowns were made they were allowed to pick out a princess outfit to wear for the rest of the party. Reese, of course, went for the Jasmine outfit.

8-21-12 263

Sweet Maddy chose the same outfit and they looked so cute.

8-21-12 264

They got to dance to a song from each princess’ movie. They swept the floor for Cinderella.

8-21-12 265

Flew on Jasmine’s magic carpet.

8-21-12 266

Worked in the mine’s with the seven dwarfs.

8-21-12 267

And had fun dancing to Rapunzel.

8-21-12 269

After all of the dances they had a “Royal Ball” where they danced with the lights out and a disco ball spinning. They were too cute. There was also cake and presents. The party was so cute and Reese had a blast celebrating with Mary!

*These pictures are from my phone so they are not great. I have misplaced my small camera (for a while now) and I really wish I could find it. I am going to have to buy a new one before BGB comes if I can’t find it.

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