Monday, August 13, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

The day finally came. One that I had figured out in my head and dreaded since the day Reese was born. One we have been talking about all summer. One we have been praying over. Reese’s first day of kindergarten has arrived. She came in our room around 5:20 this morning and asked how much longer she had to sleep. I told her she had about thirty minutes and she went back to her room only to turn right back around and ask if she could snuggle in our bed. The three of us never went back to sleep but just snuggled and talked. Finally around 6:00 we started getting ready. While I was getting her breakfast ready she colored some pictures for her teachers.

8-13-12 025

After breakfast we went outside to take some first day of school pictures. She was being so silly and doing all kinds of poses.

8-13-12 028

Reese had picked this outfit out to wear a week or so ago after we went school shopping. She has her whole week of clothes picked out.

8-13-12 029

Sam, of course, didn’t want to miss out on the action so he jumped in some pictures with Reese. I asked him if he was going to miss her while she was at school all day and he said no. We will see how he feels later in the day.

8-13-12 031

8-13-12 033

As we were taking pictures we saw the bus pull up. We watched the kids get on the bus. One of the little boys at the stop is in her class. Once the kids were on the bus and it pulled away I saw his mom drop her head, cover her eyes, and her husband wrap her in his arms. I had to go inside and pull myself together after seeing her do that.

8-13-12 035

We all drove to school together to walk her in. She was a little nervous but did great. We talked about some last minute things like making sure she brought her lunch box home with her, what bus she rode, follow directions, etc.

8-13-12 039

Finally, after a long walk, we made it to her classroom. As we got to her class we stopped for one last picture and then she walked right in to her class. I had to ask her for a kiss. She smiled as she walked in and waved goodbye to us. She was so brave.

8-13-12 040

I cried the whole way back down the hallway and tried to pull myself together. Once we got in the car, Lance told me I did a great job and I started crying again. I just can’t believe Reese is in kindergarten now! I can not wait to hear how her day goes!!


Allison D said...

OMG! Good job, Renee. It makes me cry just reading your post about this. Hope it is a great day for her!

bethy said...

OK- I'm bawling! My oldest starts next Monday. I am just praying that the Lord gives me peace. It will be OK, just scary and new. I hope she has a great day! You are such a great momma!!

jennkate said...

I cried just reading this post. Can't imagine what I will be like when we are faced with the big "K". Congrats!

Carrie Beth said...

Such a big step but it sounds like she did great! You had me teary eyed reading about it though.