Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kindergarten Update

If there is anything we know about Reese it is that she is emotional, dramatic, and irrational for Lance and me. She saves those traits just for us. For everyone else, she is polite, well behaved, and agreeable. And that is how this week has gone. The last two mornings Reese has been grumpy and has not wanted to get up or go to school. She cries and cries getting in the car to head to school. I am not sure if it is that I am not taking her to school or if she is just going to school.

Yesterday, I texted a friend of mine who works at her school (and her daughter is in Reese’s class) and told her Reese had a hard time getting to school. She said her daughter had a hard time too and that she was going to have lunch with them. Later she let me know that they both seemed a little wide-eyed and overwhelmed but were happy. When Reese got off the bus she seemed like she had a great day. She had a big smile on her face and told me about her day.

Some points from her days:
*They receive tickets for doing good things or behaving, etc. She has received six tickets total.
*She said her favorite thing on the first day was rest time…which I highly doubt. She said she actually fell asleep on day two. 
*There is a baaaaad boy in her class. She said he had to go to the principal’s office on the first day. He seems to disrupt class and is disrespectful to the teachers. Reese dislikes hearing people get in trouble. When Sam gets in trouble she runs to another room. I think this little boy getting in trouble is causing her some stress.
*She is super tired in the afternoons. On Monday, Reese and Sam had a hard time getting along once she was home. He had been ruling the roost all day and didn’t like her coming in to take over.
*She is having a hard time waking up in the mornings.
*She has enjoyed riding the bus in the afternoons. We may need to try this in the mornings to avoid the crying getting in to the car. We will see…
*They had a fire drill yesterday while in the computer lab. She was mad because they didn’t get to actually play on the computers because of this and having to learn all of the rules of the computer lab.
*She has not eaten all of her lunch yet. I think she is still trying to figure everything out. She is not much of a breakfast person too early in the morning so getting her to eat breakfast before school has been hard. They get a snack around 9:30 (which is when she is used to eating breakfast) to take the edge off and then eat lunch at 10:45.

I so wish I could be a fly on the wall in her classroom. I think she really is doing great once she is actually at school. It is just getting to school that has been hard. I know this will ease over time…well, it better. Hopefully by next week we will be in a better place emotionally with school and that she comes to grips with this new schedule.


AA said...

This is so fascinating for me to read. It's funny, and probably completely normal among well-behaved kids, that she saves her bad moods for mom and dad. I'm sure the teacher is grateful to have Reese in her class :) Sounds like she is doing just great!

Aunt Kathy said...

I always tell parents when they say to me "but they are out of control at home" that kids have to have a time and place to let loose just like adults do. You would much rather your child do that at home than at school, a friend's house, out in public. Sign of great parenting!! (pat on back!) You are very right that little boy might be causing her stress..I would talk with her about some coping skills in those situations because unfortunately he is just the first of many she will come across. As for the crying before school...her daddy used to do the same thing...even in high school!! lol It's all very new and overwhelming for little ones - she will do great - it's just a bump :)