Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sweet Blessings

I have several friends who are pregnant right now. Three of them are in my group of friends that get together during the week. Today the friends that are not pregnant had a baby celebration brunch for us. It was SO sweet. One mommy couldn't make it today and we definitely missed her. Out of the four of us she is the only one that knows that she is having a boy. The rest of us are going to be surprised. We are all on number three and the other two moms that were there today have always been surprised by the sex when their babies were born. They made a cute and yummy cake that had blue and pink layers inside. The cake was the only picture I got today. The kids played very well together so us mommies were able to have some fun conversation. I feel so very blessed to have this group of friends. They are truly sweet blessings in my life and my kids lives!!

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