Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our Saturday

Yesterday we had a nice day. The morning was spent getting things done around the house. Around
2:30, my cousin and his family came over to visit. They recently moved to Atlanta from LA where his wife was in law school. We had not seen them since they moved. Reese and Sam enjoyed entertaining Baby Leah. Reese especially had fun with her. And I think Leah was entertained by their crazy antics.

Saturday evening Reese and I went to the mall. We ate dinner at CFA, bought some makeup, and went on a search for an outfit for BGB to wear home from the hospital. We bought a girl and boy outfit.

Lance and Sam had a boys night. CFA held a Father-Son Football Night. They said it was fun. There was a table football field, little finger footballs, and Sam got to bring home a squishy football and stuffed cow.

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AA said...

Awwwww - I love that first picture. Reese and Sam were so sweet to Leah. We were so glad we could get together with you guys.